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IODP-ICDP Drilling Expedition 364


The marine drilling project IODP-ICDP Expedition 364 investigated the structure and stratigraphy beneath the peak-ring. The project was developed by an international group of 30 researchers from different institutions, with support from the international Ocean Discovery (IODP) and Continental Drilling (ICDP) projects, the government of Yucatan and the UNAM National University. The M0077A borehole drilled through the post-impact sediments into the impactites and a thick section of basement rocks. The drilling aimed to investigate the formation mechanism of peak-rings and test the mechanisms proposed that involve either rim material transported during the collapse stage or the uplift and lateral transport of deep crustal rocks. The finding of mid crustal rocks and shallow depths around 700 m deep support the crustal uplift models.

A study reported in the journal Science addresses long-standing questions on the formation of large impact craters


Drilling into the Chicxulub crater (Yucatan, Mexico) reveals how peak-rings form and the complex dynamics of large asteroid impacts


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